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Edumar is recognized by the CBR to train boatman NL: matroos according to the European directive. After completing the training course and the practical test, the result is sent to the CBR. The candidate receives a certificate of the ‘Practical Boatman exam’, from the CBR. With this certificate, the candidate can have the qualification of boatman NL: matroos in the Service Booklet NL: dienstboekje at the SAB. With this, the candidate is officially qualified as a boatman NL: matroos on European inland waterways.

After completing this course, the candidate is independently able to perform the necessary boatman NL: matroos duties onboard a inland vessel. As a boatman NL: matroos, you are part of a team of people who all work together to get the ship safely and on time to its destination.

There are two ways to get a CBR certificate Boatman NL: matroos: