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Pay attention:

When you register for the Boatman course, you don’t have to do the Basic Safety training for Deckhands yet.
After registration (and payment) you will receive a learning agreement.
With the learning agreement and together with a medical statement from a recognized medical doctor, you can apply for a Service booklet (with stamp Lichtmatroos).

The safety training can be done later in the training.
But this must be done before you can take the sailor practical test.
The costs of €175,- per training day are not included in the training costs of the practical training boatman.

Edumar is recognized by the CBR to train boatman NL: matroos according to the European directive. After completing the training course and the practical test, the result is sent to the CBR. The candidate receives a certificate of the ‘Practical Boatman exam’, from the CBR. With this certificate, the candidate can have the qualification of boatman NL: matroos in the Service Booklet NL: dienstboekje at the SAB. With this, the candidate is officially qualified as a boatman NL: matroos on European inland waterways.

Study guide
What can you do with it?

After completing this course, the candidate is independently able to perform the necessary boatman NL: matroos duties onboard a inland vessel. As a boatman NL: matroos, you are part of a team of people who all work together to get the ship safely and on time to its destination.

Content training

The training consists of the following:

  • Supervised steering and sailing
  • Anchoring on command
  • Mooring and unmooring from the deck
  • Preparing to sea
  • Technology on board
  • Safety on board

There are two ways to get a CBR certificate Boatman NL: matroos:

In both routes two things are central:
1. Building a portfolio (doing work assignments)
2. Taking a practical test

In variant 1 (practical training) the candidate learns the skills from the captain or skipper onboard the ship where they work and sail. The portfolio assignments act as a guide.

The candidate and the captain or skipper can always contact the Edumar supervisor/teacher for questions about the content or organizational. The contact with the supervisor is as low threshold as usual at Edumar!

In variant 2 (boatman NL: matroos on sailing time) the candidate builds up sailing time independently and also carries out the portfolio assignments independently. The finished portfolio must be sent to Edumar for evaluation prior to the practical test.

An approved portfolio is part of the practical test in both variants.

The practical test
The practical exam (final test) is taken by Edumar on board the training ship ms Horizon. Aboard the exam ship, you are asked to carry out various practical exam tasks. You carry out, show and tell. There is no separate theory exam, but during the practical assignments the examiner will ask questions. The examiner then evaluates the skills and knowledge.
  • Boatman

This price is included:

  • A paper workbook with information about the training and practical tasks.
  • The reader with practical information for the training boatman NL: matroos.
  • 12 months of coaching from the Edumar coaching team.
  • 1 practical test.
  • Proof of participation and sticker an apprentice for stamp in Service Booklet NL: dienstboekje.